“It took her breath away” -1 Kings 10:5

This girl, the Queen of Sheba, hears about the wisest king that ever lived who conveniently lives a few kingdoms over and goes to see if he is really all that awesome after all. I call that straight up snarky, but I like her for it, because she’s like “this is unbelievable, I’ve gotta see this man for myself.”
So she goes, asks a million trillion questions (I wonder if she had her smart guys think some extra ones up) and not a single one of them stumps this amazing man.
So she starts to look around, and behold, wonders abound — gold, monkeys, pretty people, smart people, happy people, not so many sick people. Amazing cups, amazing linens, amazing food, amazing world.
She gives the king the gifts she’s brought for him — He doubles them in return with good faith and when she saw all of this
An english Idiom right smack there in the middle of the — typically not english idiom filled — book that I believe in with my whole tiny heart.
Not just any english idiom — one of my favorites. I call everything that is good breathtaking, a lot of things effect me that way. But here it is, being used about the beautiful, heart thirsty, wonderlusting, Queen of Sheba. (an amazing character in her own right)
I get that this has probably no relevance to your life except for to see this:
There was a girl who ruled a country so long ago they just call her “Queen of Said Country” and leave it at that
she was beautiful and doubtful and she went to a man whom God had glorified.*
She had everything the world had to offer and more
and still there was something new in the whole wide world that could completely overwhelm her to the point that she was breathless.
This post is just in case you feel like there is nothing new under the sun
If this girl could still have her breath taken away by something magnificent
so can you.

Find something breathtaking today.


*read kings if you want to know the whole shebang about that

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One Morning Thought

One Morning Thought

“I’m gonna be here ’till I’m nothing but bones in the ground, so quiet down.” (radical face “always gold)

Dear you,
reading this right this instant.
I have lived a thousand years in days. In libraries around the country I have managed to have wild crazy adventures without ever letting up on my coffee intake. There is one emotion that every single book at some point or another brings out in some human character:
Everybody is lonely.
We have to be, it’s simple really. No matter how many people were standing by our sides through each of our life storms — we take each event differently than anyone else around us. It makes us communal loners. No one will ever have the exact experience you have.
Sometimes its 3am and you’re stuck with you and your thoughts. But while you’re trying not to stress over a world you can’t control, take a deep breath and remember these words:

I swear to you, you’re not all by yourself out there.

In the apartment next door — in the grocer down the street — that guy you passed on the sidewalk while you were jogging… there are people all around you feeling the infinite desperation of alone. The most amazing thing about this is that everyone you see around you is full of the strength to carry on, just like you are and have been.

So match your heartbeat to your footsteps and feel the common thread around you. You are far from all alone, in fact, I’m guessing you’ve got someone real and tangible out there spotting you through it all.


In the Beginning

In the Beginning

There is always a part of my soul reaching out to tell you that I am good. That days are passing. That life moved on and on and that I am here and you are there and that… that is good.
In the beginning I always know that you’ll be reading this, that you’ll feel emptiness because it’s late at night and you are searching for you — just like I am searching for I.
In the beginning I always want to make sure you know that where we are is good. And that where tomorrow takes us — it will be like today, only better. So don’t you let your soul get lonely.

It’s only time — it passes.

Lets begin again, and we’ll be human together.

(did you know I’ve never been myself on a blog before?)