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Live it, Love it. Your superpower.


Face it, You are a freaking superhero.

Dear you, I know you’re there, liking my posts, bein’ all awesome and stuff. This one is for you.

How many times a day, week, month, year, have you forgotten all that awesome you have stored up?
How many times do you let yourself just be another walking talking human taking up space in a really overcrowded world and completely forgotten that you are one of a kind
fearfully, wonderfully made?

I came today to remind you that you have something uncommon about you.
Somewhere in that mind of yours you know that your quirky, or blunt, or  funny, or fearless self is just in there waiting for its limelight and you’re straight up ignoring it for some reason.
I know a zillion people with incredible qualities that they completely ignore
because some society isn’t a fan
or because they aren’t sure it would be taken well
or they’ve never just displayed their weird.
it needs to stop.

You, stranger, are absolutely one of a kind.
That weird thing about you, it’s a super power.
And there you are, pretending it doesn’t exist
And I don’t get it.

I’m super good at making friends and I’m a decent knitter, baker, and just an all over strange-o with a joy complex that can get overwhelming (it’s the joy thing I tried to hide because people can’t handle it when you can find a reason to smile when you’re not supposed to be smiling… which is weird because thats like a super awesome thing to be able to accomplish when life is hard.)
What’s your superpower?
Seriously, I’d love to hear about them.