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Things New Paleo People Say


1. When will our 25 lbs of almond flour get here?!

2. Is there some sort of limit on nuts or can I just… [demolishes a handful in two seconds]

3.I know there is a way to make pancakes — there has to be.

4. Steak for breakfast, Steak for Lunch, Steak for Dinner.

5. If we call beer a “recovery drink” we’ll call it not a cheat after a hike, yes?
(The answer is yes)

6. [creepy child voice] I love broccoli…

7. ugh, I need to crossfit more… I feel all weak.

8. Don’t tell anyone we made those grain free cookies — we eat all the cookies!

9. What haven’t we tried bacon on yet?

10. This whole “Paleo” thing it’s one of those 80/20 theories — right? RIGHT?!

So much healthy fun