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leaving orange county


In case you were wondering it can be a little sad
when you know you’re moving away from something that shaped you so much
In this case, a state, its people, and the Marine Corps.
There is no plan of returning this time
there is no need
there is hardly even the spark of a want.
The years have been heavy and hard
and yet they have been full of learning, and laughter and love strong like whiskey.

In case you were wondering even I am going to miss it
even though I can’t imagine staying here and losing my husband again
time after time like he belongs to some mistress
I can’t be unhappy that he’ll be all mine for real.
but still
it can be a little sad when you’re leaving
the only normality your married life has ever known
and yet I hear that there is so much more
just over that hill, maybe.

It is autumn.
The cold is settling into the place where we’re going to be living
We haven’t seen a real autumn together since high school
and I know that I can’t wait to get where we’re going
still, with no plan of returning
no real need to anyway
it feels like the pages of history are turning
and do people really remember when the book is closed?



New Rules to Live By


I, Hannah, of sound body and mind do post these rules under the new acknowledgement that my body is a temple and is to be treated as such. I acknowledge that I can fail as a human and fall into the temptation to be self loathing and overly critical to the body I have been given and this is a post in good faith that I will learn to love my body just as it is for what it is
simply a useful container for a beautiful and eternal soul.

1. No more pinching fat to see if it’s still there — it either is or it’s not.

2. I’m going to eat with enthusiasm the food that gives me energy to carry on the life I love — occasionally this will include chocolate and wine and that’s not something to go on a guilt trip about.

3. I’m going to exercise to keep strength in the body so that when I say “Here am I, Lord, send me” I will be physically strong enough to go wherever that may be.

4. I will take rest days and let my body recoup.

5. I will be kind to myself and to others as we all walk the pathways set down for us.

6. I will refuse negative talk about my body, and help people around me refuse such talk about theirs — self criticism is only a downer.

7. For every negative word said about any body around me I will find five positive things to say.

8. I will eat cake when the occasion is right, and I will enjoy the crap out of it

9. I will stop complaining whenever something hurts — it’s annoying and it doesn’t get me anywhere

10. I will surround myself, fill myself, and help others find: JOY in themselves, in God, in life.